Birth Contraction Timer - Itunes

Birth Contraction timer

This app is designed to be a tool in communicating with your maternity hospital. The app measures the time, duration and frequency of your labor contractions.


  • Calculate frequency and set the intensity for your contractions
  • Remove single records without loosing all the history
  • Chart showing when it's time to start calling the hospital
  • Elapsed time for a contraction
  • Unlimited entries
  • Change and correct duration or start time later on
  • Log the intensity for a contraction
  • All in one view

Important note:

Every birth is unique, so listen to your midwife when you should head for the hospital.


You can easily see in the chart when the frequency of your contractions begin to approach around 3-5min. One recommendation is to get in touch with the hostpital when you start getting 3 contractions within 10min.

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