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ADDATHON™ is the game that will truly challenge and improve your Math skills. The game offers a variation of game modes,
including Marathon Unlimited, Timed modes and others, skill levels ranging from beginner to expert. We also offer you the
challenging, but stress free Puzzle mode that will definitely give your brain a workout. A fun way to become smarter!
The goal in Marathon and Challenge modes is to add blocks together to match the Sum to the right. Once you clear a Sum, the selected blocks will get destroyed and points will be given. The amount of blocks that get destroyed, and points you get, depends on your tactic and what special abilities you decided yo use. Listed below are Powers and Talents available in ADDATHON™

ADDATHON™ is about math and strategy, as timing the use of your special abilities can make a difference.
Choose your special Talent, build up your Powers, collect Pickups and the powerful Figures that will unleash ADDATHON.
Addition and Multiplication are fully supported, while division will play a huge part when you clear special numbers.
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